Telkom moved my lines to wireless

Telkom moved my lines to wireless:

Has this happened to your business? Now you sit with multiple wireless telephone lines that no longer connect to your phone system pbx and your business comes to a grinding halt.

wireless line

Telkom is moving away from copper! FACT

So if your home or business is running on the old copper network they will soon convert your lines to wireless. This also applies to your ADSL service which runs your internet because it is linked to Telkom line.

So what do I do? you ask

Move your service to FARANANI who offer you a SIP account so you can use the internet to make calls. So no physical landline required.

And what about my numbers I have with Telkom? We can port all your numbers to the new SIP account, so you keep your numbers for life even if your business changes address. Our starter SIP account allows you to make 4 concurrent calls from as little as R150 per month. Call costs are also lower than Telkom and all billing is done on a per second basis not per minute like Telkom.

FARANANI can also offer an LTe router if your ADSL service is terminated. We offer wireless and fixed phone solutions which work perfectly with the SIP account. We offer you a SIP account which allows you to make up to four concurrent calls at a time, doesn’t cost much and calls are dirt cheap on it too. We have an app online that gives full reporting as part of the service as well.

So if  “Telkom moved my lines to wireless” has happened to your business or your Telkom line is an issue and its part of your business, port your numbers to FARANANI and we will connect you.

Call us today on 011 206 2909 and let us customize a solution that will suite you and your business.