Connect DECT phone to VOIP router

Connect DECT phone to VOIP router

Today, connect DECT phone to voip router, something special that not everyone is yet aware of. We look at the Gigaset E630HX, which is an IP phone “made in germany”. gigaset e630hxAll you need to use one of these really nice phones is a router that supports this DECT standard.

cat iqConnect DECT phone to voip router so long as it has CAT-iq extension 2.0 (look out for it on the packaging), it also features HD voice and yes, it’s is made in Germany. One thing I want you to keep in mind – is that if you want to connect this to your router, make sure that your router supports this expanded CAT-iq standard.

That’s here on the packaging, that way, you can use it with a variety of routers such as tp-link and others. We will show you how to configure this as well and Gigaset has launched this HX series specifically to work with your router.

So you don’t need a separate base station for your phone. It communicates directly with the router, which is very nice. So what do you get in the box with this phone, lets have a look inside the box. Then we also going to show you how to set this up so first up we find a manual and so go to the English section to read how to set this unit up.

Next we find a little compact charger, the charger has the specs underneath please have a look. Next up, we have like a really fancy looking charger tray and that’s like a really nice material right here and here in the back, is where you can insert the power adapter, that looks very nice.

Next up we have the phone and what I like about the phone is that if you turn this around you will notice the really nice fit and finish, and the display is also very large, with a really cool dial pad.

You know how many phones like this have like really small buttons, and this is like a really nice size. Next just put the batteries right in the unit and turn the unit on and yeah the phone comes with two 750 mAh batteries.insert battery

Let’s take note that for any electric device, make sure you pay attention to the polarity of the batteries. Put them put them in the right way, like + to + etc, and it’s already starting up and it will show on the display what the phone is telling me right now.

It’s will then ask to register it with the base station, so we need to set this up, like we said before, instead of connecting the base station of the phone we will be connecting it right to a voice over IP capable router, a company like tp-link sells these and this router supports up to six of these handheld DECT phones.

connect dect phone voip routerBasically, to pair the phone with the router, you just have to push the DECT button on the router and then hook it up with the phone, it’s that easy and straightforward process. Check out the close-up shot of that router DECT button as well.

Here you see the voice over IP capable router, with its three buttons at the side and the top one is where you connect the phone, and for that you just push that DECT button for a few seconds and then a light starts to flash and you pair It with your phone and yeah once the handset is connected.

The Gigaset E630A GO IP cordless phone includes its own base and can therefore be used without worrying about the DECT option on the router, simply connect the base station using the supplied network cable to the router and thats it.

It should look something like the one on the left that’s literally how easy it is here. You will see the time and then you have a menu where you can change the sounds and a lot of other things, so that’s, a really nice easy to use phone and on the site right here look out for the hx phones. The E630H even has a connector for connecting a headset, so if you wanted to, you, could even take like a call center style, headset like this and just plug it in and off you go.

So I think that’s really great, a handset ( DECT phone ) that works with a voip router that has big buttons, that has a nice menu where you can easily navigate everything and you can connect a headset.

I mean that’s really great and to check that everything is set up correctly just take the other voice over IP phone and pick the line and call that newly setup handset (DECT phone).

Should you happen to miss the call? You also see the read envelope flashing indicator light, and it will also display it as a missed call as well. You have also a variety of sounds (ringtones) that you can pick as well.

There are some nice sounds in there, but there’s, definitely room for improvement, but i did also see supposedly you can also load up your own sounds to that phone, because the phone has the USB connection as well, and you can connect that to software on your computer and copy sounds as well as pictures. So when someone calls you, a pic shows you which of your contacts is calling at a glance.

So that seems to be nice feature as well now. So this is how to connect a DECT phone to a voice over IP capable router. If you want to know more about this phone, follow the link here.